About Us

About Us

Armenian American Mental Health Association (AAMHA) is a non-profit organization, started in 2006 and officially incorporated in April 2009. Our vision has always been to be strong advocates for mental health in the Armenian American community. AAMHA represents professionals of Armenian descent in the fields of psychiatry; psychology; marriage and family therapy; social work; or other mental health specialties. AAMHA aims at the advancement of mental health knowledge in the Armenian community, and culturally sensitive and appropriate mental health practice, through meetings, professional contacts, research, reports, papers, discussions and publications. It aims at helping the Armenian community with mental health issues, at improving existing mental health services for Armenians and at providing leadership in expanding culturally relevant mental health services to meet the specific needs of the Armenian community. AAMHA also aspires at the establishment and maintenance of the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct in the field of mental health.

Vision/ Mission

  • Vision:To be strong advocates of mental health in the Armenian community.
  • Mission: To advance mental health knowledge and practice in the Armenian community.

Core Values

  • To respect cultural differences and the impact of culture on individual world view.
  • To empower the Armenian community in a challenging social environment.
  • To help in resolving Armenian identity conflicts relating to the problems of integration.
  • To believe in the process of healing and recovery as an outcome of treatment.
  • To believe in the value of prevention through mental health education and information.
  • To establish and maintain high professional standards of ethics and conduct.


  • To develop educational programs about mental health for the Armenian community.
  • To provide a forum for professional discussion, consultation, referrals, exchange of clinical information, networking and mutual support in specialized areas of mental health services.
  • To provide leadership in assessing the mental health needs of the Armenian community.
  • To promote training of mental health professionals.
  • To help initiate the development and organization of mental health services to meet the needs of the Armenian community.
  • To improve existing mental health services for Armenians.
  • To promote mental health research in the Armenian community.
  • To inform the Armenian community about available mental health resources.


  • To attend general membership meetings and Board meetings regularly.
  • To develop programs of public speaking and media presentations on mental health issues for the members and for the public.
  • To organize social events for the members and for fundraising.
  • To offer CEUs, publish a newsletter and organize conferences.
  • To provide professional support to students and associates in the mental health field.
  • To initiate and sponsor research on the Armenian community mental health issues.
  • To collaborate with other organizations on events relating to health and mental health.
  • To develop a directory for the members.
  • To create/maintain a website and be active on social media platforms.