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Become a Member with the Armenian American Mental Health Association (AAMHA)

Annual Membership Fee Is $40

*One-Year Term Begins At the date of Payment.

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We have 2 membership types (per bylaws):


“Members of the Association shall be persons who are interested in the advancement of mental health from scientific and evidence-based practice perspectives. The requirement for acceptance as a Member shall be the receipt of a medical degree, doctoral degree or a master’s degree in psychiatry, psychology or a related mental health-related field. Students enrolled in doctoral or master’s degree programs in psychiatry, psychology or a related mental health field are also eligible for membership.”


An Affiliate Member category of the Association includes individuals who do not fulfill all aforementioned criteria of membership, but have demonstrated a strong interest/involvement in their academic and work performance in the field of Mental Health. Each individual’s application for Affiliate membership will be reviewed by AAMHA Board, and approved only if the applicant meets the criteria for Affiliate membership.”

We Have 2 Methods For Joining And Making Payment:

Option 1

Join by filling out the membership application, and mailing it with check to the address on the form. You can put “membership” in the memo of the check.

Option 2

Join by making your payment online via PayPal, filling out the application above and emailing it to us with PayPal option checked. Please be sure to put your membership type in memo of the PayPal payment.

** By selecting the “Donate” button below, you can purchase the membership fee by inputting the amount of $40.00 **

** Membership renewal also requires selecting the “Donate” button below, you must still fill out the application and mark that no information has changed. **