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Links and Resources

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Mental Health Organizations

(that serve our community)

  • NAMI Glendale – NAMI Glendale provides Armenian, Spanish, and English educational and support groups for patients and families of serious mental illnesses, peer-to-peer and family-to-family. Armenian family support group coming soon to Glendale! Please click here for their brochure and click here for a PDF list of NAMI affiliates/other chapters – you don’t have to seek help only in Glendale! This is also a great book and known as the “NAMI bible” for treatment. Contact Sylvia Gil for support in English [, 323-351-0999] and Angel Markarian-Matevossian for support in Armenian [, 818-636-3380]…flier here.
  • Armenian Relief Society of Western USA – Contact Ida Karayan [].
  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) – Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) is the largest county-operated mental health system in the United States. LACDMH provider network is composed of directly operated and contracted programs that serve Los Angeles residents. Services are provided to all residents of LA County and all ethnic groups, including the Armenian Community. LACDMH services are for individuals who are medical recipients and/or uninsured. The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) allowed LACDMH to develop Capacity Building Projects to target specific ethnic communities that are historically underserved by our system. Since the Armenian community is one those underserved groups, specific Capacity Building Projects have been developed and implemented for this community to help increase penetration rates and service utilization. Some of these projects were the following. LACDMH created MH promotional items such as brochures, pens, pamphlets, and bags which provided LACDMH 24 hour Access Hotline number and information about mental health services available for the Armenian, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic speaking communities. A Media Outreach Campaign was created, which consisted of four (4) Mental Health Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that aired on 8 Armenian TV stations throughout Los Angeles County. The PSAs were conducted by various Armenian celebrities and community leaders. The PSAs focused on common mental health issues and general information about mental health services. LACDMH completed 88 Mental Health Talk Shows, called “Hayatsk Depi Ners,” that aired on ARTN-Shant Armenian Television Station. The mental health TV talk shows informed the Armenian community about common mental health topics and how to access mental health services. In terms of mental health services for the Armenian community, Recovery, Resilience & Reintegration–Integrated Service Management Model (RRR–ISM) has also been implemented. RRR–ISM programs are designed to assist individuals to achieve recovery and wellbeing with the support of integrated mental health, physical health, substance abuse, and non-traditional services. It also includes non-traditional services which are culturally specific practices that improve health and wellbeing. Examples of non-traditional services are the following. Mind/Body Wellness activities such as acupuncture, yoga, traditional massages, meditation, gardening, nutrition classes, Zumba classes, etc. It also includes spiritual activities such as spiritual blessings, spiritual counseling, drumming groups, etc. Additionally, it includes community engagement activities such as knitting support groups, coffee club support groups, etc. The Armenian Community receives mental health services at different LACDMH Directly Operated Clinics/Programs, LACDMH contracted clinics, Wellness Centers, Crises and Homeless Centers, and Specialized Foster Care. Some examples of directly operated mental health centers include San Fernando Mental Health Center and Hollywood Mental Health Center, etc. LACDMH contracted legal entities that provide MH services to the Armenian community include but, are not limited to Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Education Services, (IMCES), Pacific Clinics and Jewish Family Services. Contact Dr. Anna Yaralyan [] and Mirtala Parada Ward [].
  • Didi Hirsch Glendale / Armunity – Didi Hirsch MHS provides mental health services to adults and children. Armunity is a program at the Glendale site that serves the underserved Armenian population. It is free for MediCal or uninsured clients. A team of Armenian speaking clinicians, case managers, nurse and psychiatrist provide services. There are also weekly groups available, including an Expressive Art group. The program takes a holistic approach to addressing physical health, mental health and substance abuse. Contact Seta Haig [].
  • Pacific Clinics Glendale / Hye-Wrap – Hye-Wrap is a program developed in 1996 for the Armenian community by Pacific Clinics. We provide services at local school campuses, our Central Ave. office site and in the home. Our mission is to help clients with their emotions and school performance needs. We provide individual and family counseling, and case management as part of our comprehensive and continuum of care. We also provide linkage to other community based services such as anger managements, substance abuse, tutoring and job training programs. The goal of the program is to assist the children, youth and adults to function effectively in schools, homes and the community. The name “Hye-Wrap” means Armenian Wraparound Services. Most of our clinicians, case managers and support staff are of Armenian descent. We specialize in Armenian services, but also serve the community at large and have bilingual Latino staff. Contact Maryam Bonyadian [].
  • California Psychcare – California Psychcare (CPC) is the leading provider of ABA services in California since 1997. They service clients with autism and other developmental disabilities, as well as a variety of diagnoses across various age groups. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of the clients we serve and develop our staff into better professionals. With over 20 branches, CPC is a comprehensive service provider that offers Psycho-diagnostic Evaluations, Behavior Assessments, Behavior Health Treatment, Early Intervention Services, Social Skills Groups, Parent Training (group and individual), Specialized Individual Training, School-Based Services, and Group-Home Services. Contact Lydia Luna [].
  • Heritage Clinics Pasadena – Heritage Clinic provides mental health services to adults 55 and older who may be experiencing a life transition, stress, anxiety, depression, loss, or other difficult issues. We serve individuals whose mental health issues range from mild anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and chronic or major depression. Services are tailored to address the unique needs of each individual. We accept Medicare, MediCal, Medicare supplemental insurance and have a sliding fee scale. Low income seniors with no insurance may be eligible to receive services free of charge. Contact Lucy Kyupelyan [] and Shawn Herz [].


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  • Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian []
  • Anita Avedian (author of Anger Management books below) []